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How Can a Sweater Not Be Deformed?

Nov. 16, 2021



What are the small areas that need attention in the daily maintenance of sweaters? And what skills should we master?


► Washing

Many people are more worried about washing their sweaters than they are about washing them badly. In addition to the majority of sweaters made of man-made fibers on the market, you can directly flip them into the washing machine net and throw them into the washing machine; other pure wool and other clothing must be handled with care.

When the sweater is constantly stirred in the washing machine, the wool scales on the wool will be pulled and rubbed, causing the sweater to shrink significantly after a period of time. You should try to send it to dry cleaning or hand wash it in warm water. In addition, the choice of detergent should also pay special attention to the selection of neutral detergent, and the process should not be excessive rubbing or twisting the sweater, the use of pressure to avoid harm to the wool.


► Storage

The maintenance of sweaters needs to be done on a daily basis, and the usual way of storage alone can affect the life span of a sweater. Basically, sweaters or knitwear are made up of fibers, and these fabrics tend to stretch due to gravity and hang marks tend to appear on the shoulders, which affects the aesthetics of wearing them.

In order to avoid deformation, whether the sweater is just washed or taken off, it is not suitable to hang on the hanger, use the most appropriate way to fold.


► Drying

After washing, the next step of drying also hides a lot of details that need attention. Whether you hand wash or throw it in the washing machine, place it directly on the towel flat and wait for it to dry naturally.

Sweater baskets can also be started, daily drying clothes is very convenient. Don't even think about throwing your sweater into the dryer to speed up the drying process, as that will shrink the sweater and make it smaller. In addition, the hair scales of the fiber will be deformed when they encounter high temperatures, so the sweater is not suitable for sunlight exposure.

If you want to save the area and use hangers to dry, follow the above steps to place the sweater, and it will not be deformed with creases after drying.


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