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How To Deal With The Pilling Of Sweaters?

Oct. 17, 2021



Why does a sweater pucker?


After the fabric is rubbed, the fiber ends on the surface are pulled out. The exposed part will be hooked up with each other and entwined together, eventually forming the annoying little hairball. Some fibers have little strength, and the hairball can break off by itself. But some fibers are strong, and stubborn little hairballs do not go away, it seriously affects the beauty and texture of the clothes. At present, both natural and chemical fiber fabrics, in fact, it is difficult to completely avoid the occurrence of this situation.


Ways to remove pilling


Hair removal comb

People who have pets at home should not be unfamiliar with hair removal comb, it will be along the texture of the clothes in the same direction combing can effectively scrape away the hairball, no hair removal comb can use a small tooth distance of the ordinary comb instead, and finally with scissors to cut.



Scissors are the most common and effective tool, aimed at the hairball, click, from the root of the fiber cut off, clean and thorough, to solve a small range of hairball proper, but for a large hairball, it requires more patience, or we can also try to try the following other methods.



These methods are relatively simple and rough, suitable for dealing with large areas of hairballs, using their rough surface to take away hairballs. Here we should note that must be gently combed in the same direction, cashmere class material soft and delicate clothing is not recommended to use this method, easy to damage sweaters.


Electric hairball removal machine

Electric hairball remover is small and simple, easy to operate, you just need to start the switch, from the hairball place gently slide over, the fiber will be stranded and sucked away, do not have to pick up the hairball crumbs.


Roller sticky hair device or wide tape

Tape in our life is also very common easy to get tools, mainly with the help of strong adhesive force, in a moment of clatter tear off at the same time, take away the hairball, roller sticky wool principle is similar but more gentle, remove the floating hair on the clothes more effective, another tearable design, more convenient to use.


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