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How To Shrink the Collar Of A Sweater That Has Been Stretched Out?

Dec. 14, 2021

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Sweaters are our essential warm clothing in winter. But because they are not properly cared for, they can be easily deformed, especially at the neckline. In addition to the frequent on and off, the neckline of the sweater is also very easy to be propped up by our head. This article shares with you tips on how to shrink the collars of various types of sweaters.


Round neck sweater

1. sweater collar is big you can do this, use a ruler to compare the length of the previous clothes collar, and then use a needle and thread to sew a circle in the collar, the needle and thread is much finer than the woven thread of the sweater, pull the thread to tighten the collar on OK.

2. In addition to the appeal of the needle and thread sewing method, there is another method is to tie up the collar and cuffs of the sweater with a leather ring, and then tie up this part with hot water, and then dry to use the hot water to make the sweater collar shrink.

3. You can also buy an elastic band to make a circle (according to the neck latitude slightly larger can be, to set in the neck comfortable shall prevail), set in those loose high collar clothes collar inside, when the high collar will turn over on the blocking line.


Turtleneck sweater

If you want to make the neckline of the sweater smaller, you can enter the needle from the opposite side of the interface seam on the side of the collar, and then put down a flat needle vertically from the left side, and then put down a flat needle from the same position on the right side, and so on and so forth.

When the thread is pulled tight at the end, you can tighten the interface on the side of the collar as if it were folded up. If it is a round neck sweater, you can start the needle in the same way from the front of the chest, sew upwards in the shape of an inverted triangle and tighten it again.


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Use other matching

1, if you simply feel that the neckline of the sweater is big and a bit bare, then you can give yourself a scarf. The effect of the sweater with a simple scarf will be very good.

2, you can also wear a white shirt with a stand-up collar inside the sweater, it will look very spiritual.

There is also a way to get a scarf. The current knitted neck cover is a lot, with the sweater, the effect is also good, of course, the color with must be selected.


The final words

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